Eyelash Extensions in Tecumseh

2 Waves Tecumseh is located at 152 Lesperance Rd., which is between Riverside Dr. E and Dillon Dr. We can be found just south of Riverside Dr. E, minutes away from beautiful Chippewa Park!


When it comes to eyelash extensions, 2 Waves Beauty Bar is the place to go! We have three different options for you to choose from - Classic, Volume, and Hybrid - to make sure you get a look you are happy with. The Classic look uses one false lash for every natural lash, creating a clean and natural look. The Volume option is for those who are going for a more glamorous, over-the-top look for their eyelashes. This option uses three false lashes for every natural lash, which creates a very full and voluminous end result. The Hybrid option combines the Classic and Volume options,

allowing you to add extra lashes to fill gaps where you need to. Whichever look you are hoping for, our lash technicians will work with you to choose the option that is best for you!

There are a couple of things that we want you to know for your first appointment! When you come in, please remember to have your eyelashes clean and free of all makeup. If it is your first time at 2 Waves, you will also need to fill out a health form, so please arrive a little bit early to allow time for that. In addition, for the first 24 hours after the initial application of your eyelash extensions, it is important that you avoid the shower, steam, and sweat so you do not damage your new lashes.


After this first day, you need to make sure you are taking care of your lashes to keep them looking great! With eyelash extensions, you should not wear any mascara or use any oil-based makeup or oil-based makeup remover. Also take care not to rub your eyes or pull on your lashes, and do not use an eyelash curler. On top of these steps to care for your lashes, you will need to come in for regular refill appointments. The frequency of these appointments will vary from person to person as everyone’s eyelashes grow at a different rate, but eventually your old lashes will fall out and you will need to replace them with new ones. Work with your lash technician to determine a refill schedule that works for you!


Eyelash extensions give you flawless eyelashes every single day, with no effort at all! Come into 2 Waves Tecumseh and we will give you the glamorous, flawless lashes you have always dreamed of.


Book your appointment today and let 2 Waves Beauty Bar take care of all your eyelash extension needs!


152 Lesperance Rd.

(519) 956-8505

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Hours of Operation

If you need eyelash extensions in Tecumseh, 2 Waves is open every Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 9:00pm.


On Saturdays and Sundays, the salon is open from 9:00am until 4:00pm.

Dates Closed

Canada Day (July 1)

Labour Day (September 2)

Thanksgiving (October 13 & 14)

Halloween (October 31) - Closed at 4pm