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About 2Waves Beauty Bar

We are a growing company. In 2006, 2 Waves started in a 2 manicure/pedicure shop that once sold ice cream in Essex.  It was barely big enough to fit employees not to mention clients.  Fast forward to now and currently 2 Waves has 34 pedicure stations, 34 manicure stations, waxing, lash extensions, relaxation massaging, facials, and over 1000 square feet in retail space spread out over Windsor-Essex with 5 locations in Essex, Kingsville, Belle River,  Amherstburg the newest store is located in beautiful South Windsor.

2 Waves offers the latest and best services to clients and makes their visit special.  The convenience we offer is at the optimum level. If you were to add up all the services available to all clients/estheticians, it would be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Having multiple locations with standardized management allows costs to be lowered significantly.  For example, 2 Waves has a call centre for all locations.  That is one receptionist for multiple stores.  Those savings are transferred over to the estheticans.  Another example of this principle is in advertising and marketing. One campaign is more efficient than multiple campaigns for multiple stores.  Other services include:

Online Booking

Online Booking App

Account Money Holding

Digital Gift Certificating

Open 7 Days a Week

Call Center

Service Upgrades & Training

Digital Pay Systems

Standardization Auditing

Online Wage System

Automatic Deposit

Online Automatic Tax Distribution

Retention Tracking

Scheduled Social Media Posting

Many Many More…


The 2 Waves Way allows pricing to be realized at a medium cost for all clients, that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of service.

No refunds on any service.

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