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Eyelash Extensions

We offer Classic eyelash extensions, Hybrid eyelash extensions, and Volume Lash Extensions. Answers to FAQ's can be found below!

Full Sets

Classic Light Set                            

90 classic lashes (45 per eye)

Classic Medium Set                     

110 classic lashes (55 per eye)

Classic Heavy Set                           

130 classic lashes (65 per eye)

Hybrid Light Set

110 mixed lashes (45 classic + 10 volume per eye)

Hybrid Medium Set

120 mixed lashes (45 classic + 15 volume per eye)

Hybrid Heavy Set

130 mixed lashes (45 classic + 20 volume per eye)

Volume Light Set

100 volume lashes (50 per eye)

Volume Medium Set

120 volume lashes (60 per eye)

Volume Heavy Set

140 volume lashes (70 per eye)













Classic Light Fill

30 classic lashes

Classic Medium Fill

40 classic lashes

Classic Heavy Fill

50 classic lashes

Hybrid Light Fill

30 classic / 12 volume lashes

Hybrid Medium Fill

40 classic / 18 volume lashes

Hybrid Heavy Fill

50 classic / 24 volume lashes


Volume Light Fill

50 volume lashes

Volume Medium Fill

60 volume lashes

Volume Heavy Fill

70 volume lashes

Volume Add Ins

Full Removal
















What is the Difference Classic, Volume or Hybrid Lash?

eyelash extensions

The Classic look is 1 Lash to 1 Natural Lash which gives the eye a clean natural look.

Our Volume Lash is 3 Lashes to 1 Natural Lash.

The Hybrid is a mix of both.

Why do I need a refill?

Not sure where to start?

Your lashes naturally regenerate and when they do your old lashes fall out.  Everyone's cycle is different. Just consult with your Lash Tech to book in the required time to achieve the desired fullness.  The minimum refill can also be adjusted higher or lower week to week.

Most people young people have between 50-60 lashes per eye.

The older you are the less you have, hybrid is the best solution to fill in what's missing.

On the day of your appointment:

  • Make sure you arrive with clean eyes and no makeup.​

  • First timers will need to fill out a health form, so come a bit early.

Taking care of your lashes:

  • Avoid the shower, steam and sweat for 24hrs after application.

  • Avoid strong heat such as ovens or BBQs.  Heat can melt or distort extensions.

  • Avoid rubbing and pulling your lashes.

  • Avoid oil based make up and removers on eye area.

  • Wearing any mascara is not recommended.

  • Don't use an eyelash curler.

  • Clean and brush your lashes daily. 

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