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windsor pedicure


Our full pedicure includes a heated foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle removal, callus removal, foot exfoliation, massage and polish.  In all of our foot treatments, you will receive your OWN disposable liner for your foot soak.


Gel Polish Pedi

Foot Refresh

G/P Foot Refresh

Senior Toe Clip

2 Sweet! Leg Massage

French Finish (15 Min Extra)

Design Level 1

ex-Sparkles, Additives, Foil, Chrome, Magnetic, Flakes, Rhinestones.

Design Level 2

ex-Straight Lines, Dots, Stamping, 1-2 Colours

Design Level 3 (15 Min Extra)

ex-French, 2-3 Colours, Marbling, Sweater nails, Plaid, Sunflowers

Design Level 4 (30 Min Extra)

ex-French plus design, 3-4 colours, Gel Ombre, Scenic Nails,

Design Level 5 (30 Min Extra)

ex- Cartoon Characters, 5+ colours, Intricate and very detailed

Design Level 2-3 on All 10 (30 Min Extra) 














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