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Magic Gel

The healthier choice for your nails.

Magic Gel is the Top Choice Award Winner by Health Mag!

The advanced formula eliminates the need for drilling, removing excessive dust particles from your workspace, which is the main cause of allergies in nail techs and clients.


Unlike other products which can damage your nails, Magic Gel actually strengthens your nails. The advanced nurturing formula is perfect for weak or over filed nails, protecting them and giving them the chance to rejuvenate.

It is also completely vegan and cruelty free, and it free from all known carcinogens, making it a great choice for both you and the environment.

It comes in two forms, a regular gel polish, and a builder.  The builder layer adds strength and flexibility so you can grow and maintain a longer length!

You can apply our builder over your natural nail, or an extension tip.  Either way, our intent is to reapply/rebalance until they are all your natural nails underneath.

Magic Gel is extremely durable, long-lasting, and can be used for any nail shape. Magic Gel really is a much healthier choice when it comes to gel manicures!


More benefits of Magic Gel:

Easy to Remove

Magic Gel does not require drilling to remove, but instead is removed with a simple soak-off process.

Rock Hard Durability

Magic Gel is much more durable than other products, so your manicures will last for weeks. Its rock hard durability makes it a great choice for a long lasting manicure, even when it comes to extra long stiletto nails!

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