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5 Benefits of Body Waxing for Men

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Most of us have seen that clip of The 40-Year-Old-Virgin where Steve Carell’s character is convinced to get waxed before losing his virginity and starts yelling Kelly Clarkson to express his pain. If you haven’t, you definitely should, or you’ve at least seen other videos of men going through the pain of waxing. Each and every time you watch them you’re probably wondering, why would they put themselves through this kind of pain? Well we’ve got some answers for you! Here are a few benefits to men getting their bodies waxed! 

1. Smoother Skin 

This fact is the same for men as it is for women, as smooth skin is the result of waxing each and every time. Not only does smooth skin feel nice, but it looks nice too. Think about it: by waxing you or your significant other can run their hands down your body and actually feel your skin instead of their getting fingers caught in your hair. 

waxing in windsor

The lack of hair will also enhance any skin to skin connection that one builds with people and newborn babies and there won’t be hair getting in the way.  Afterall, the skin to skin connection with newborn babies is meant to be bare chest to bare chest in order to help the baby transition and to help create a better bond between father and baby. 

2. Reduces Body Odor

The male body tends to smell more than a woman’s. This is due to the fact that body hair absorbs perspiration throughout the day and men have a whole lot more body hair than women do. By waxing off body hair as a man, you'll be more likely to naturally smell better and not have to worry about your BO in tight social settings and your perspiration will have nothing to cling onto. 

waxing benefits

Taking a bunch of showers throughout the day may seem like the easier and less painful route, but think of all the time you’ll save by just waxing once and smelling a whole lot better for weeks no matter what you find yourself doing. To be clear, waxing will not making it impossible for you to smell bad, but it will ensure that it takes a lot more to get you there. 

3. Better Performance

As seen and proven by swimmers, a waxed body enhances someone’s performance. Being slick and smooth allows you to be more aerodynamic and therefore faster. This is because the bit of drag that body hairs create while swimming is now gone. While waxing some of your dead skin cells come off with the body hair, which also adds to a swimmers aerodynamicness. 

waxing at 2 waves beauty bar

In addition to becoming a better swimmer, waxing helps you become a better performer in other aspects of life as well. Waxing is also likely to make you a better performer in the bedroom as bare skin increases sensitivity. As waxing removes dead skin cells and a protective layer of hair, your skin will be exposed to touch in a new way. 

4. Pronounced Body Definition

Taking an example once again from competitive sports, bodybuilding is a prime example of why men wax. Bodybuilders wax their bodies in order in order to have more pronounced body definition. Waxing allows the muscles and veins to become more visible. While competing having a more pronounced body gives them a better chance at winning a competition as their results are more visible. 

waxing is good for you

Even if you aren’t a bodybuilder but you want to show off your muscles or other parts of your body a little better waxing is still a great option. Overall, it will make you look more pronounced, depending where you wax. And if you’re some that shaves to get these results, consider waxing as you’ll get less cuts along the way. 

5. Long Lasting & Cost Effective 

The most practical reason for getting waxed is the amount of time and money you save (but mostly time). If you’re already someone that shaves or that just read this blog and is thinking you might as well shave and spare yourself the pain, you may want to reconsider. By waxing you won’t have to worry about any body hair for about 6 weeks depending on what you’re getting waxed and your genetics. 

waxing benefits at 2 waves beauty bar

Over time, your waxing appointments will also become less painful and go by quicker, as your hair will start to grow out thinner. You’ll also avoid spending money on razors and shaving cream (and maybe even bandages if you tend to cut yourself a lot). Most importantly, if there are any shaving areas that are harder to get to such as your back, you’ll no longer have to go through that awkward moment when you ask someone to shave it for you . 


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