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5 Essential Steps To Truly Achieve ‘Beauty Sleep’

We all know sleep is important for our bodies and minds. What we often don’t talk about is the truth in the saying we “need to get ‘beauty sleep”. A restful night’s sleep can make a large difference in the way that we look and feel. So here are five essential steps to really maximize the benefits of beauty sleep. 

1. Wash And Moisturize Your Face

Throughout the day our faces collect many dirt particles from the air and anything we transfer over when we touch our faces. To clear our faces of that build up and of any dead skin cells that refuse to shed, we should be washing our faces every single night. By washing your face you’re also avoiding transferring any debris to your pillows and sheets. 

While washing your face you should be using warm water and a gentle cleanser. The warm water helps increase the internal body temperature. An increased body temperature will lead to better blood circulation that helps get rid of toxins in the body. It also relaxes the body helping you get a better night’s sleep. After washing your face don’t forget to moisturize to create a film over your face to protect it from any debris that you may collect during the night. This step is vital as washing your face will first dry out your skin and the moisturizer will then rehydrate it. 

2. Sleep On Your Back With A Special Pillow Case

Sleeping on your back is the best way to sleep for your body. It may take some training but it’ll be well worth it. By sleeping on your back you’re avoiding getting wrinkles that you may otherwise get from sleeping on your side and chest. In addition to helping your skin, sleeping on your back also helps align your spine, reduces tension headaches, and relieves sinus build up. 

If sleeping on your back is way too difficult or not possible for you, opting in for a special pillow case such as silk or satin is a good alternative. These kinds of pillows or pillow cases will minimize skin irritation and are less likely to collect debris over time. 

3. Get A Full Night's Sleep

As sleep is vital to our survival it is recommended that we get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. This time range comes from the notion that our bodies tend to restore themselves while we sleep. Without a restful sleep you run the risk of getting swollen eyes, dark circles, pale skin, and wrinkles. Your skin will also have less time to repair itself which is why it’s important to prep your skin so it can do its best work while you sleep. We know that sometimes you may not be able to get the full 7 to 9 hours of sleep. If this happens to be the case, the weekend is always a great time to catch up on some much needed sleep. 

4. Drink A Glass Of Water

Drinking a glass of water before bed helps hydrate your body from all that it’s lost throughout the day, and what it will lose through sweat while you sleep. The glass of water will help balance your body’s minerals, nutrients, vitamins, hormones, joints, muscles, and energy levels. Through balancing all of these levels, your body will relax and work on rejuvenation. The glass of water will also help cleanse your body of any unwanted toxins. 

5. Care For Your Feet

Since your feet are the foundation of your body, it’s important to take the time to take good care of them. It doesn’t take long to wash your feet and moisturize them before bed in order to hydrate and restore them just as you would your face. Washing your feet also helps you avoid taking any extra dirt into your bed sheets in the night time. 


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