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How Exercise Can Revitalize Skin and Bolster Beauty

Hopefully by now you’ve come to learn that exercise is good for you, no matter what stage of life you are in. You may not like it and it may be hard at times but exercise is extremely important and the reward is greater than the trouble. What we don’t often hear about is the benefits that exercise brings to our skin and beauty. Hopefully we can motivate you to exercise more with these great ways in which exercise can revitalize skin, and bolster beauty! 

1. Increased Body Flow

By increasing your body’s blood flow, the exercise will help nourish your skin cells and keep them vital. Blood carries important nutrients throughout your body. This circulation increases the amount of oxygen that your skin cells receive, as well as carries away toxins from healthy cells. In a way, by exercising you are cleansing your skin from the inside out. 

2. Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is known to increase levels of stress related hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol begins to over produce oil glands. When this over production of oil mixes with dead skin cells they will begin to cause a build up in bacteria. This bacteria will then begin to create acne. 

By working out, you’ll actively begin to reduce your stress and by extension your acne. This is because exercising releases endorphins to your body which are natural pain killers that get transmitted to your brain. This creates a chain reaction which makes you happier and lowers your stress. This reduction in stress can then also lead to a deeper and restful beauty sleep. 

3. Increased Inner Confidence

The more you workout the more you’ll be seeing positive results that you can be proud of. You’ll also learn to be more comfortable in your own skin. As time goes on, this increased inner confidence will begin to reflect in the way you carry yourself. Your confidence will carry into your face and reflect on your beauty. After all, confidence is an attractive quality. 

This new level of confidence and strength in your body will also help you feel younger. Sure your body may ache for a few days after your workout from the soreness, but the more you workout the quicker you’ll get over that pain. You’ll be stronger and healthier and may even dare to try things you never have before with this new increased amount of confidence.

4. Hydration

As you work out you’ll develop quite a thirst leading you to drink more and more water. Often times we don’t drink the recommended daily dose of water of 3.7 liters. By working out your body will be asking for so much water that you will be reaching and possibly even be exceeding the amount of water that you’re drinking.

Staying hydrated will make sure that your skin remains clear and is well moisturized. The 

more water that you start to drink the fewer wrinkles and face lines you’ll see. This is because water also helps increase the elasticity in your skin. In the end, not only will the exercise help you look and feel younger longer, but it’ll lead you to drinking more water and cleansing your body. Drinking water and working out actually work together in a cycle as the more water you drink, the longer you can work out for.


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