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The benefits of Facial Extractions

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

There’s been a lot of talk about facial extractions after the rise of Dr. Pimple popper. This famous doctor is known for her videos of pimple popping, blackhead & cyst removals. However, a common misconception from the rise of these kinds of videos is the difference between acne extractions and facial extractions. Today I’m here to give you the rundown on facial extractions and all you need to know about them. 

facial extractions

What are Facial Extractions? 

To begin, what are facial extractions? A facial extraction is a procedure where the bacteria inside your pores is removed. This could be build up of makeup, oil, sweat, or dirt that has entered your pores and left a mark on your face. Extractions will only take care of your whiteheads and blackheads as these are a direct result of gunk in your pores, while pimples are more complex and often related to your hormones. 

What are the benefits?

1. Deep cleansing

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Through regular exfoliations, your technician will be eliminating any oil, toxins, dirt, and

bacteria that has clogged your pores. Often times, they are picking at those deep

whiteheads and blackheads that have been bugging you for some time. In the case

where they cannot remove it, they’ll let you know if it’s too soon for it to come out and

how long it may take to remove it. Over the period of time that you keep visiting, they’ll

eventually be able to remove these stubborn pores.

Through this process every dead skin cell will also be removed leaving your face

feeling refreshed, and preventing any further potential skin issues. Not only will your

face feel great, but when you start to wear makeup again your product will apply itself

a lot smoother. This means you’ll get more worth out of your makeup as you will need

less product to cover up bumpy surfaces and blemishes.

2. Prevents wrinkles

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Aging can be tough, but at least you can make sure your face looks young while

you’re doing it. By getting regular extractions you’re cleaning your skin and allowing an

increase in oxygen flow. This increase in oxygen plus a good amount of collagen

hormone production, will keep your skin healthy as well as prevent future wrinkles.

3. Removes Blackheads & Whiteheads! 

skin care at 2 waves

This one may have been obvious after learning what a facial extraction is, yet is still

worth a mention. Nobody likes blackheads or whiteheads. At least no one other than

dermatologists and estheticians who get paid to remove them, and the vast amount of

people watching these procedures on youtube and instagram. But the point is, we do

not like having them on our skin, and if your beauty routine isn’t capable of clearing

those deeply rooted clogged pores, why not get someone to remove them for you?

As much as those face wash commercials make us believe and hopeful that our

treatment of choice will wash away all of the bacteria in our pores, sometimes it’s not

that simple. So get some help before you tire yourself out from switching from product

to product searching for that commercialized face wash sensation.  

4. Preventative measure to breakouts

skin care products at 2 waves beauty bar

Not only will you be leaving your sessions with a refreshed, baby soft feeling 

face, but you’ll be leaving with a new set of tips and tricks to take care of your face.

Your specialist will become very familiar with your skin and will be able to give you a

better idea on how to properly care for your skin. Often times we use the generic

solution like using a face wash meant for oily skin because you have oily skin, but that

doesn’t always work.

Skin can be a lot more complex than we think and not only do our habits affect our

skin, our work, living, and social environments impact it as well. Since we can’t really

change our jobs or where we live, getting the right information on how to take care of

our skin and prevent breakouts with the right products is key. A key that your specialist

will leave you with, as they help you treat your skin. Skin care does not have to be

difficult and can be made a lot simpler as long as you seek help and take the steps. 

How Often Should You Get An Extraction? 

Since there are different types of skin that come with different kinds of needs, there is no exact time as to how often you should be getting an extraction. 

If your skin is considered to be oily or prone to breakouts, it may be beneficial to get an extraction done twice a month. This will help you skin keep up with the treatment. Paired with a facial the extraction sessions will eventually become preventative as opposed to reactive. What about everybody else? If you find that you do not have oily skin, booking a facial once a month should suffice. 

skin care routine

Do Not Do This At Home

After reading all about extractions you may think to yourself that this is a fairly easy process to do at home. The fact of the matter is; you really shouldn’t. Even though you can go right ahead and pop your own blackheads and whiteheads, you may be causing more harm than good. Extractions should always be performed by professionals as they have the right tools and are the experts on your skin. Simply by putting your fingers on your face and applying pressure, you’re transferring bacteria from your hands to your face, this is why professionals use gloves and/or tools. 

By attempting to extract your face yourself, you are also running the risk of damaging your pores and scaring your face. Applying the wrong amount of pressure on your face can break the pore wall inside the skin and lead to scabign before the scarring as well. In the case where you do successfully pop and remove gunk, you’re also running the risk of spreading the bacteria and therefore spreading the breakout. If you’re not familiar with the right angles to pop your breakouts, chances are you will push the bacteria out into the surrounding tissue and making your skin worse. 

Finally, you’re likely to not have the right types of ointments and moisturizes to prep your face, as well as treat your face after the procedure to alleviate redness. Needless to say, if your face is red a week after you put pressure on your face, you’ve done something wrong. 

skin results at 2 waves

So leave it to the pro’s and get started on those facials so that you can begin the new year with cleaner and nicer skin.


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